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Pangea came to existence because of the increasing demands of large corporations for new client acquisitions. Through our experience, we have developed a system that is not only effective for our clients, but also for our joint customers. We have become the face of our clients, providing face-to-face representation. We feel as though there is no other method to effectively represent a brand, or yourself, for that matter, if it is not a "person-to-person" interaction. With the demands of mid to small level business forms of marketing, our clients oftentimes do not reach their intended target markets. We focus on bridging that gap with our direct sales and marketing approach. It is our purpose and motive to meet, and surpass, all expectations of every client who deals with us. Pangea’s portfolio consists of various fortune 500 companies ranging in several industries: telecommunications, energy, payment processing, and retail. We handle the direct marketing for these companies and represent their brands with the utmost integrity.


PANGAEA was a supercontinent 335 million years ago. It is a reflection of how we all came from the same place, separated, and now with our differences, we came back together again to work symbiotically towards our united goals.


About Us

We provide solutions to companies looking to increase their customer base through outsourced sales channels. We outperform our competition through relentless attention to detail when it comes to leadership development, and sales training.

We are a continuously growing organization that supports an atmosphere of young, committed business professionals. Our ambitious team leaders are eager to pass their knowledge and experience with integrity, energy, and character.

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